Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arrival at Don Khong, Laos

This morning was too early for me! Even though I booked a trip to 4000 islands by local bus, I got picked up this morning by a guy in a minivan. After driving through Pakse for over one hour, the driver had filled the bus (and tires too, by the way). Off to Don Khong, the largest of the islands.

The ride was bad, due to cramping buttocks and the lack of Imodium, but hey, I survived.

We arrived at the tiniest harbour ever. The boat that was about to bring us to the island was the single most awesome catamaran I have ever seen. The crappiest one, too.

The trip took 5 minutes across the Mekong. On the island we quickly found a cheap and neat place to stay.

I hope my gi tract will stop feeling like a warzone soon. Tomorrow we will explore the island. Today I won't do shit. Time to rest and digest. Maybe check the roads for snakes after dark. Hope I'll find stuff.


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